Thursday, 29 August 2013

Chanel WOC (Wallet on Chains) & Sydney getaway

Recently I hopped across the Tasman with my boyfriend in search of warmer weather and a bit of retail therapy. 
He headed straight to the electronic stores whilst I met up with my very best best best friends who now lives in Sydney, and we hit up Westfield!
I had visited the Chanel store the previous day already having seen a few WOC pieces that were just delicious! Surprisingly when I entered with my friend the SA told us they had just received new inventory, including a wide range of pink purses. 
There was so much choice!
Lambskin, Camelia, Caviar, Timeless, Classic 

I knew I wanted a nice bright piece. Even though I always love the classic black pieces, I wanted to start off my Chanel WOC collection with a fun piece. And of course my favourite colour is PINK!


This is the Sevruga in a limited edition pink with silver hardware.

The first time the WOC caught my eye was on a YouTube video. My first thoughts were it would be too small, and it would be paying too high a price for a wallet. 
But in reality I was happily encouraged by the size and the accordion style extension of the main pocket. This allows it to comfortably fit all the cards, mobile phone, lip gloss. 
Of course sun glasses are out of the question. But then again even in full size Chanel Handbags their textured structure doesn't allow enough room for sunnies.
I am super pleased with this purchase.
Chanel prices are terrifyingly increased every single year. To think how much the classic bags cost just 5 years ago brings up so much - 'what ifs'


- SZ

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

WOWZA! It's been too long!

Hello Blog,
Sorry for the neglect.
Here is some lovin' 
I'm now a fully fledged dentist! SQUEEK!
Adult life is so different. Having to deal with bills, tax, early mornings..... blah.... 
Graduation Day!

Last day of 2012! NYE @ Funchal witnessing the worlds largest display of fireworks (not that you can see any in this photo).

In Roma! This amazing city felt like I had jumped straight into a classics text book! I love it.
Life has been throwing me a few curve balls lately. The past 4 months have been particularly challenging. 
Let's not dwell on the negative, as I would love this blog to be a happy place. An outlet for joy. There's always a silver lining right? And out of these tough times I've indulged in a wee bit too much retail therapy! (Will endeavor to feature in later posts)
But best of all, on 28th of July I was officially BAPTISED! 
"Glory to God!"

Hugs & Kisses