Saturday, 11 August 2012

Chanel Makeup

I recently visited a Chanel stand and was drawn in by the beautiful decorations, packing and layout of the boutique. Chanel embodies elegance, grace & sophistication. Their makeup artists are the most professional and friendly I've ever come across. We've all experienced makeup counter b*tches right? 

It's definitely a luxury brand, all their products are attached to high price tags. 
I walked out content with a concealer and face powder. Having a great face of makeup depends on beautiful skin. Just like building a masterpiece mansion requires perfect foundation. 

I would recommend you get the professionals to match your colours for you (if you plan to buy these online). Also, don't forget duty free shopping! All cosmetics are heavily discounted. 
So far I've been impressed especially with the powder. It's much more long lasting than my MAC setting powder and the packaging really does put a smile on my face. 
The concealer is similar packaging as the infamous YSL touch√© √©clat; but the Chanel version is marketed as a concealer where as the YSL is more of a highlighter. Therefore, the Chanel one has more coverage (which I need!)

Smiles & Hugs
- SZ

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