Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Let's get this blog back on track!

It's miserable outside and I am so grateful for the warmth and shelter of my home right now. A lot has gone on in the last month, one major event was my birthday! Hurray! I am now 23! How crazy does that sound. I'm not feeling 23 at all, even thought it's not an 'old' age to be ... if a stranger was to ask me how old I am, I often have to stop and think. To be honest, I feel YOUNG! Does your age really matter? No! I believe you can feel and behave the way that makes you happy. 
There are only limitations when you believe in them. If you knew there is nothing in this world that can be in your way of your dreams, then there is a good chance you'll achieve it. 
Why be restricted by people saying 'the reality is....'? Well I choose to live my life a BELIEVER! 
:-) Hope this cheers you up.
"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right!" - Henry Ford
If you want to achieve high, aim high. You need to back yourself up before anyone else is going to have your back. 

Smiles & Hugs
- SZ

This is the local watering hole of Dunedin students - Monkey Bar. Formally a cathedral.
Pic from a few months ago, getting ready for a wedding in Shanghai.
I'm so grateful for my wonderful & lovely friends who came to celebrate my 23rd!
My beautiful classmate

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