Friday, 15 June 2012

A bit of DIY glitz

I started to get really sick of my phone case. It's white and has become an embarrassing  dirty stained colour. I've searched high & low for a prettier alternative but my phone (HTC sensational XL) doesn't seem to be very popular in the cellphone case market. So I resorted to DIY. I found some of these bling/rhinestone stickers at the local dollar store. I bought two sheets because my phone is a bit larger than the standard (iPhone) and it needed a bit of jig-saw work to cover it all up.

I know it doesn't cover the entire back... but it's an improvement from before. :)

et voila !

The result is not too bad but the true test will be how long it'll last before a) I get frustrated with bits of rhinestone falling off or b) I get bullied into growing up and switching to a more 'adult' cases :-)

Smiles & Hugs

- SZ

p.s. I've received such lovely encouragement and also comments in the last few days. Thank You so much, I've really enjoyed blogging more entries to come :-)


  1. It looks great! I'm following you now :)

  2. Very cool. My phone is so boring compared to yours!


  3. that is super cute! makes me want to buy a clear case to glam up too!!! -Loving Sunshine

    1. Thanks Kumiko :) Hope you have a nice day. I LOVE your blog :D