Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Feeling 'Blah' on a winter day


Today I felt 'blah' from the moment I woke up. I had nothing on my agenda apart from a doctors appointment which I knew I wouldn't keep since I was feeling better and this was no ordinary doctor, it was a specialist charging $200 for a wee consult. Sadly it was also the monthly time of being stuck in bed with cramps and a hot water bottle #girlproblems (TMI?). I digress, after an uneventful morning I decided to snap out of my own misery and ventured outdoors to enjoy the daylight.
I don't live rural enough to see horses strolling down the street everyday. So this was an unusual sighting :)

Recently, I've been getting into levitation photography. If you have a spare moment I would suggest you take a peek at Yowa's Levitation, she floats with such grace and elegance and her images are simply breath-taking. I can only hope practice comes with improvement.

Smiles & Hugs

- SZ


  1. That skirt it so vibrant! I love the color.