Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Kindle e-Reader with Wi-Fi

Kindle e-Reader with Wi-Fi 6" E-ink Display

I purchased mine through Amazon 2 months ago. I love it. This is the first ink reader I've used and I'm thoroughly impressed. Being super light weight and a perfect size for my hand are two of my favourite features. The new release books are at a good price compared to bookstores and arrive on your kindle seconds after you hit the buy now button. I would suggest users to purchase a cover with a light attachment as this device doesn't work well in low-lit environments. If you love to read outdoors at the cafe or by the pool then you might want to look into investing in one of these babies. The pricing advertised is not the price you will be paying for internationally shipped Kindles. It ended up being $154 NZD (incl shipping). It arrived in the mail in what amazon calls frustration free packaging and it sure was. :)

The lending library and a lot of the features marketed on the main kindle website is not available outside the USA. But they do not make this clear until you're signed up ready to go and then end up contacting the customer service to see what went wrong.
The battery life is great. You don't need to worry about packing the charger for weekend trips or short holidays. Mine usually lasts 1-2 weeks on a usual 3 to 4 hour reading day. I can't comment too much on the other versions of the kindle, except to say that I don't see many advantages of having a larger kindle.The controllers are simple and easy to use although typing does take a fair bit of time. 

I've been devouring Game of Thrones recently, it's an addiction. Full of mystery, action, adventure and scandal it definitely lives up to all the hype.

All in all, great product, great price would be 10/10 if all the features were available internationally. 

Smiles & Hugs

- SZ

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